Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Easter Bonnet
A Sonnet Gone Wrong
by Rex Ungericht


I figured I would try to write a sonnet
Because I bought my wife an Easter bonnet
But sonnets have a set of rules, doggone it
Like five iambs on each and every line

It also seems my rhyming isn't normal
But maybe if I call my poem informal
I'll mitigate critiques that it's abnormal
And just a mutant Violette of mine

At least the accent's on the right syl-LA-bles
So don't give me a lot of useless squabbles
And say I force a rhyme with words like "gobbles"
When everything about this poem is FINE!

But back to gifting wife an Easter bonnet
She didn't like it so I had to pawn it