Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht

These people are incredibly talented and highly intelligent - and yet they still perform my parodies. Bless them all.

Gary Hermann


Also known as "Squire G" when co-hosting the Black Knight & Squire G (BKSG) Show, Gary is a musician, singer, songwriter, and a devilishly subtle wit.

James Jancik


Also known as "The Black Knight" of talk radio, Jim is a show host, producer, technician, engineer, singer, webmaster, songwriter, musician, and voiceover artist.

Skip Briggs


Skip plays sax and sings with a performing Rock & Roll band. But he gets the biggest vocal kick from making fun of "real" songs using parody lyrics.


Below Average Dave


Dave got his "below average" title from the sound quality of his first recordings. His website seems to have disappeared but his Soundclick page still exists.

David Steinhart


David is owner and operator of UkeleleSong's channel on YouTube, where he performs both parody and non-parody songs.

Irk the Troll


Irk is the mascot of, a snarky, irreverent deal-a-day site. Check it out and feel the meh. And tell them parodymandotcom sent you.


Miss Justine


The amazing Miss Justine was able to perform "Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger", a parody I thought was impossible to actually sing.

Who's Next?


Who will be the next performer of my parodies? Is it you?

Who's Next?


Who will be the next performer of my parodies? Is it you?


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