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The Skip Briggs
Parody Collection #2

Even more you don't want to skip.

Three White Hairs
Somewhere I Lost My Car Keys
Plundered Me Rum
The Stork, The Stork
Friday Rules
I Use A Rhyming Dictionary
Designated Driver
Still Got The Crabs
Kentucky Bourbon
It's Payday
Scary Scary Guy

The Skip Briggs
Parody Collection

You don't want to skip these.

The Atom Family
All About Me
It's a Digital World
Warwick Avenue
Bless This Mess
Wine From a Bottle
How Much Is That Hooker In the Window
Rhythm Of the Rain
Baltic Avenue
Everybody Must Get Stunned
The New Year's Resolution Song
Sampler #1

Six singers, twelve songs, tons of fun!

Born to Be Wild - Gary Hermann
I Drink Everywhere - Skip Briggs
I Binged and Purged - Miss Justine
Blue Flame - James Jancik
Hey There Delilah - Below Average Dave
Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Rex Ungericht
Fourth of July - Gary Hermann
Orange Crush - Skip Briggs
Gimme Java Java - James Jancik
Encinta Song - Skip Briggs
Eight O'Clock In The Morning - Gary Hermann
Most Wonderful Time For A Beer - Gary Hermann


BKSG Presents:
The Complete Blue Flame

The greatest truckstop entertainer ever.

The Complete Blue Flame Saga
as it occurred live on air
Including bonus studio cuts of:
The Blue Flame
The Blue Flame Returns

BKSG Presents:
The 12 Parodies of Christmas

Putting the ho's in the holidays.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Santa Claus Is Missing His Hos
On Christmas Eve
Addicted To Gifts
Dear Rudolph
Draggin' The Sleigh
Shopping Around The Internet
Deck The House
Let It Snow
Christmas Debt
Driving In A Winter Wonderland
The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer

BKSG Presents:

Yo, you gotta problem wit dat?

Born To Be Wild
How Much Is That Hooker In The Window
50 Ways To Love Your Liver
Old Man
It Had To Be Hugh
Wine From A Bottle
Shenis Intro / Stand and Pee
Slow Slow Slow
To All The Girls I've Loved Before
Blue Flame Intro / Blue Flame
Blue Flame Returns


BKSG Presents:
BKSG Tackles the Issues

And man, do we have issues.

It's Our Party
Everybody Spend (Live)
Swine Flu Frightened
A NAFTA Highway
God Bless Acanico
Where Have All The Dollars Gone? (Live)

BKSG Presents:
The Insiders Album

For regular listeners of the show.

Buffo Intro / Buffo The Clown
Studio Explosion / Mixer Meltdown
Planet X Intro / Planet X
Leaping Lineman / Lineman vs. Racer X
Sequel Intro / Lineman vs. Racer X Sequel
BKSG At The Grammys
Blondie & Viking Intro / Blondie & The Viking
Uncle Al / Al & Petunia
Alurastar Calls In / Alurastar
BKSG 3rd Anniversary Song
BKSG 4th Anniversary Song
BKSG 5th Anniversary Song

BKSG Presents:
Insiderz II

Because our fans demand it.

Another Saturday Night
Searchy Wearchy
Bye Bye Berwyn
Black Knight Birthday Song
Squire G Birthday Song
Black Knight & Squire & Jay
Leather & Lace
Doctor Don
Stranger Each Day
BKSG 6th Anniversary Song
BKSG Christmas


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