Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht

So much to publish, so little time...


Finish Line
It's not how you start...'s how you finish. Every player is trying to get the cars to finish in a different order. Strategic use of stop signs and special "shift" moves is key.

Got It!
A Scavenger Hunt Game

All you have to do is go get five objects and bring them home. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But then you learn just what it's going to take before you can say "Got It!"

Writing Song Parody

I started writing song parodies in high school. In the early '70's. Crap I'm old. Here's what I've learned in 30 years of parody writing, all for just $14.99.


What Will We
Play Next?

Whenever I have time, I'll invent a card, dice, domino, or board game. Here are several I've come up with. Best of all, you choose what you want to pay!

The 12 Parody Carols of Christmas

Perfect for carolers, choirs, cover bands, comedians -- I guess basically anyone or anything that starts with the letter C.
Only $2.99.

More To Come



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