Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


This Page Intentionally Left Blank
by Rex Ungericht


This page intentionally left blank.

Except for this text.

So I guess this page isn't blank after all.

Maybe we should say "This page intentionally not used for documentation" or something like that. Although that omits the possibility that we accidentally didn't use this page for documentation.

Perhaps we should actually leave this page blank and start the next page with "The previous page was intentionally left blank." But then you might stop at the blank page and wonder why it was blank, and you wouldn't find out why until you moved on to the next page.

So, it might be better to put "The next page is intentionally left blank" on the previous page. Then you would know that when you got to the next page, it would be blank. Intentionally. If you turned to the next page and it wasn't blank, you would know something was wrong.

Which brings up another issue. If a page should be blank and isn't, what should you do about it? Maybe we should create a hotline you can call to report non-blank pages that should be blank. On the blank page, we could put "If this page isn't blank, call 555-5555." Oh, wait. That takes us back to the original issue.

Well, actually, the original issue was between Adam and Eve and had nothing to do with blank pages. In fact, pages weren't even invented until the second century B.C. Well, paper was invented by then, but it may not have actually been cut into pages. But there were definitely pages by 256 A.D. in China. I wonder if any of those pages said "This page intentionally left blank." But whether they did or not, we still have the issue of this page, which is intentionally left blank.

Except for this text.