Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Year Of The X

Original Song: "Year Of The Cat" by Al Stewart

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Is this the year of the X?

There's a planet full of Annunaki
And it's coming closer every day
And the story goes that they all want to serve us
In their human cafe
They're all scaly and green kinda like Godzilla
Or those raptors in Jurassic Park
You know sometime they are bound to catch you
Still you hide out in the dark
In the year of the X

You won't be given time for questions
As they lock up the human race
And the Earth becomes a pantry for the Lizards
Who came from outer space
You can try to hide but you'll wind up fried
On a platter with a friend or two
And as they're cooking Emeril
You wonder if we'll make it through
The year of the X

Three hundred sixty five days later
When their hominid feast is complete
We thank God for all the overpopulation
We were too much to eat
And we stand and watch as their ships take off
So the Annunaki have withdrawn
That's when someone says "Wait a minute -
Are we sure that they're all gone"
In the year of the X