Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


I'm Whig

Original Song: "I'm Free" by Kenny Loggins

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Listen to me and you will see I'm right
If the President thinks he's king then we should fight
We are Americans
The power's in our hands
Freedom is ours
Let the bells ring
Never a czar
Never a king

(I'm Whig)
Modern industry is what we cheer
Roads and railroads are the new frontier
Government should subsidize and spawn
Infrastructure we can build upon
(I'm Whig)

Four presidents - well, really it was three
'Cause Tyler turned his back, decided that he disagreed
Harrison passed away
In thirty one days
Luck was all bad
We knew it when
Zachary died
16 months in

(I'm Whig)
We knew we were sliding down the slope
Millard Fillmore was our only hope
But he split the party when he signed
1850's slave trade compromise
(I'm Whig)

From such a hopeful start
We soon fell apart
There in the end
Gave a last shot
But couldn't win
With Winfield Scott

(I'm Whig)
Henry Clay and Daniel Webster died
So the party lost it's leading guides
Soon there was no longer any doubt
All our members started Whigging out
(I'm Whig)
Then the Kansas and Nebraska act
Broke the party up, and that's a fact
Lewis Campbell said the party's done
Lincoln joined the new Republicans
(I'm Whig)
No one had an answer or a fix
So we faded out in '56