Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Warwick Avenue

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

Original Song: "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy Hear the original song on YouTube

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When I get to Warwick Avenue
I don't know just what I'm gonna do
I'm so lost aboard this subway train
Just got on to get out of the rain

When I get to Warwick Avenue
I sure hope I'll find a map or two
I'm thinking ok, there's no need to fear
It's not so bad, I'll find my way from here

And then they say it's the last stop, baby
The train is done until the morning tea
I'm wondering is there a taxi maybe?
This subway system is confusing me
And I've got to pee

When I get to Warwick Avenue
I'm not sure how I will make it through
I'll leave the train, they'll shut the door
I'm not in Kansas anymore
When I get to Warwick Avenue
I'll find a bus stop, get in the queue

It isn't hard in this great big city
To lose your bearings and get lost like me
I've seen my fate and it isn't pretty
The news will show my body on TV
But no one will see
Since it's on BBC

Why did I ever come here
I need a cold beer
Or a bottle of Jamaican rum
The train departed
I should get started
Since this station's unguarded
All these countries together
It would be much better
If they all were like America

I'm thinkin' next year that I'm gonna be
With my family
Home in Tennessee
Do my travelling
Via my TV