Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Virtual Existence

Original Song: "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas and The Papas

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray
But I know a way
It'll be ok

New York City cold
Doesn't matter to me
I just grab my headset
And travel virtually

Nothing has a smell
And there's no sense of touch
And the avatars I meet
Don't interact too much

But all the visuals are nice
The audio is good
Virtual existence
Is better than the 'hood

Maybe someday soon
New technology
Builds a better world

It's all made with Java
But there's no caffeine
It'll be the matrix
Without the mean machines

It'll be the matrix
You'll see me on your screen

It'll be the matrix
And I'm a subroutine