Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


You've Become A Twin

Original Song: "Here You Come Again" by Dolly Parton

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You've become a twin
Twice the man you were before you saw that cloner
You walked right in his door
Said "What I'm looking for -
A way to stop being called a loner"

You've become a twin
Feeling quite beside yourself, a single couple
You'll never come to harm
'Cause you are now "fourarmed"
And with some extra cash you could become quintuple

Don't be feeling dread, just dial that dial
And pay for your duplication
You get a splitting headache but in just a while
Your replica arrives, and all without gestation

You've become a twin
All your friends and family are seeing double
In poker it's unfair - you've always got a pair
And folks are puzzled when
You're here and there

All you gotta do is dial that dial
Experience bifurcation
You're at your own debut, and in a little while
You're talking to yourself, a singular sensation

You've become a twin
Maybe you should star in TV ads for Xerox
And then you say with glee, "my lawyers all agree
I'm now my next of kin -
Myself and me"

I and me
Myself and me
Check my ID
I am now a twin
Can't you see
That I am we
Is for me