Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


The Matrix

Original Song: "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson

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She knew more than she said to me, I could clearly see
I said OK, but what do you mean I am the One
Who will save everyone in the world
She said "you are the One who will save all of us in the world"

She told me her name was Trinity and she said to me
"The Oracle said to Morpheus that you are the One
Who will save everyone in the world"

Searchin' for the Matrix, just lookin' for a clue
There's something wrong with the way things are
Then Morpheus, he told me, there's more than you know of
So now what will I do
Take the red pill or the blue

Trinity jumps up and hovers
And Morpheus says now the searching is done
And the prophecy's begun
He says I am the One who will make those agents run

Then Morpheus lost an agent fight
He was gagged and tied
The agents planned to get that command
Zion's last stand
Would be made in that town underground
But that "no spoon" advice made me realize that I would suffice
(Roll the dice) Pay the price

Into the Matrix with Trinity
She says "OMG -
I can't believe that we're really tryin'
A rescue this time"
But we had to get him safe and sound

Morpheus was rescued, but now I'm in deep doo
Those agents wanna blow me apart
It looks like Smith has found me
And his gun goes boom boom boom
Looks like I met my doom
I'm gonna need a tomb

Then I gasped, my life's not over
I see the code, I guess that I am the One
Who can make those agents run

All the powers I've discovered
Now I can fly and keep my sunglasses on
This is much more cool than Tron

There can be only one, wait that's not the show I'm on

Why'd you say it's a pun, when you called me Number One

Oracle is my adviser
She says the Architect is Microsoft Bob
What an evil coding job

They say I am the One, and the war has just begun
They say I am the One (inside the grid)
They say I am the One (just click on Start babe)
They say I am the One

Sorry 'bout those sucky sequels
Sorry 'bout those sucky sequels
They never were the first shows equal
Sorry 'bout those sucky sequels
'Least they weren't the Star Wars prequels