Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Technical Writer

Original Song: "Paperback Writer" by The Beatles

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This is the first parody I ever wrote for others to see - it was written for the community of Technical Writers and posted on the TECHWR-L website. Although it's dated, I post it here for sentimental reasons.

I like to write, I like computers too
And I want a job that will combine the two
I talked it over with some friends of mine
And they said that I should find employment as a Technical Writer
Technical Writer

I've mastered every game on my PC
And I use a database of recipes
I've got a program that'll track my bills
So I've got computer skills enough to be a Technical Writer
Technical Writer

I used to work as a stenographer
And I've published letters to the editor
I won a poetry award this year
So I think it's clear that I can write and be a Technical Writer
Technical Writer

A daemon's something from a fairy tale
And GUI well describes a garden snail
DOS is Spanish for the number two
But what do these questions have to do with being Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Thanks for taking time to talk with me
I would like employment with this company
You can see that I am really on the ball
I'll be waiting for your call to tell me I'm a Technical Writer
Technical Writer