Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Talking On Air

Original Song: "Walking On Air" by King Crimson

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Hit the switch on your TV
I'll be broadcasting worldwide
I'm the one you want to see
When you're looking to buy

Listen to the speil I say
"Offer valid just today"
You can always find me there
Talking on air

Skip the hassle of a trip to town
Give a call and join the cultured crowd
Your order won't take long to arrive
C'mon, buy!

You had better hurry
It might pass you by
My voice is a snare
I'm talking on air

Try a self-installing dental crown
Buy a copy of the Turin shroud
And order - oh, I can't take this jive
All these lies

You had better worry
If you've chosen to buy
Cause these deals sure ain't square
I'm lying on air