Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Taking Down the Lights

Original Song: "Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads

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New year
The Christmas season's over
Still hanging
Green lights on my gutters
I'm a disenchanted guy
Taking down the lights

Climb up
And unattach a section
Climb up
And unattach a section
There must be a better way
Taking down the lights

Wife says I must take them down
Even though the weather sucks
Or the neighbors will stare
Try to argue, it's no use
Even if I win I lose
So I go get the ladder

All wet
I'm out here in my raincoat
It's cold
Why can't we leave them hanging
Three hundred sixty five a year
Leaving up the lights

Somehow taking down the lights became a job for only me
I'm the one who must do it
People driving down the street, they shake their heads at what they see
I just want to get through it

Taking down the lights

My house
Has got a second story
If I
Fall things could get real gory
I have got entangled in the strands
Taking down the lights

And now it's started getting dark and I am up here on the roof
Separating these wires
When I'm done and back inside then I will grab some 90 proof
Then I'll get even higher