Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Swiss Miss

Original Song: "This Kiss" by Faith Hill

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I don't want another cola
I don't need another ginger ale, no
I don't want no carbonation
That'll make me burp like a gale
'Cause I've got a taste for chocolate
I can drink it by the pail

It's a cup of cocoa
But just carefully sip
Using boiling water
You could blister your lips
It's still worth all the risk, though
It's (aah) delectible

Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss
(with marshmallows)
Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss

First you open up the package
And you pour it in the mug
Add a cup of heated water
Stir it up then tilt back and chug
If you're feeling melancholy
Baby, it's a wonder drug

It's a cup of cocoa
It's a cup o' hot cheer
It's an alternate beverage
When we're all out of beer
Pour some Irish Creme in there
It's (aah) enjoyable

Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss
(with alcohol)
Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss

Your intolerance to lactose
Throws your stomach all out of whack
If you drink it without medication
You could have a flatus attack
But once you've tasted chocolate
You can never go back
It's got me floating, it's got me flying

It's the serotonin
That suffuses your brain
It's the dopamine reflex
That's akin to cocaine
It's the rush of the sugar
It's (aah) still legal now

Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss
(I drank it all)
Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss

It's the way I stir it, baby
It's the way it stirs me, darlin'

It's a cup of cocoa
It's a scheme of the Swiss
It's erotic refreshment
It's a feeling of bliss
It's a choco-orgasm
It's (aah) so sensual

Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss
(I need a smoke)
Swiss Miss, Swiss Miss

There's none in the pantry, baby
Gotta go out shopping, darlin'