Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Bubbly" by Colbie Calliat

Parody Performed By: Miss Justine

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On request, a female POV breakup version of "Bubbly".

Never count me out

We've been apart for awhile now
It's got me thinking you're so vile now
And every time I see your stubbly face
I get the need to put you in your place

I stomp on your toes
And I hammer your nose
The punches I throw
Both high and low
I'm feeling hostile
I'll wipe off your smile now
I swing a right
And you are K.O.'d

I find it galling that you caused me pain
I've made my feelings on this pretty plain
When you ran off with that raunchy whore
I couldn't stand your face anymore

I step on your toes
And I punch at your nose
And you've gotta know
I'm real P.O.'d
I'll put you on trial
For killing my smile now
It was a crime
When you chose to go

And it'll just make my day
When your girl decides she's gay
I'll say - yessss

You chose what you chose
I guess that's how it goes
And everyone knows
That you're so low
They've seen for awhile
That you've got no style now
I should have run
When you said hello

We've been apart for awhile now
I'm disillusioned with your guile now
And every time I see you out with her
I'm puzzled by the women you prefer

I turn on my toes
And I turn up my nose
And head for a show
With my new beau
His gentleman's style
Really making me smile now
It's so sublime

Forever forever forever my guy
Forever forever forever my guy

Forever my guy
He says "bye"
And I stomp his shoe
Like it happened with you