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Saint Patrick

Original Song: "Jive Talkin'" by the Bee Gees Hear the original song on YouTube

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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Saint Patrick, on March seventeen
Saint Patrick, we're wearin' the green
Saint Patrick, we party and drink, yeah
Saint Patrick, so what do you think

Was your life pious and pure
Just living like a monk
If it was are you content
Being the patron saint of getting drunk

(I'm talkin' 'bout)
Saint Patrick, the legends all state that
Saint Patrick, you drove out the snakes
Most experts, contend that it's fake
(It looks like)
Saint Patrick, just can't get a break
Oh no

I don't care if it's myth
Truth is not for me
How you lived doesn't matter now
'Long as we get to have a jubilee

(We're drinkin' to)
Saint Patrick, you know what they say, yeah
Saint Patrick, turned milk to Claret
Saint Patrick, you know what I hear, yeah
Saint Patrick, you baptised with beer

And so we all wonder, in 423, yeah
Saint Patrick, were you wearing green
I'm askin' Saint Patrick, when times were unsure
Please tell me Saint Patrick, was whisky your cure

Saint Patrick, the guys and the girls are
Bar hoppin', they drink 'til they hurl
I'm sayin' no matter our names
Because of Saint Patrick, we're Irish today

(I wonder)
Saint Patrick, would folks have a fit if
They found out that you were a Brit
I think if Saint Patrick saw how we behave
Then holy Saint Patrick would spin in his grave
Yeah, yeah

Saint Patrick