Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


I'm Still Scamming

Original Song: "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John

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You could never know what it's like
The rush I'm feeling when you're in my vice
And knowing real panic when you see the truth
You fell into my scam and now there's nothing you can do

And don't you know that I will always win
I'll fool you once then fool you once again
I've got a skill for cons that'll make you pay
And when you re-a-lize just what has happened I'll be far away

Don't you know I'm still scamming better than I ever did
Looking for another sucker, candy from a little kid
And I'm still scamming, and I'm in my prime
Picking up another stack of dollars each and every time

I'm still scamming, yeah yeah yeah
I'm still scamming, yeah yeah yeah

Lived in poverty all the time
And then I found a knack for a life of crime
The threats you make will never bring me down
Hey wait a minute, why are cop cars parked all around my lawn

Now I'm still scamming here inside my prison cell
Looking for another sucker, got a bridge I wanna sell
And I'm still scamming, if you send me bail
Then I'll let you see my secret map to find the holy grail

I'm still scamming, yeah yeah yeah
I'm still scamming, yeah yeah yeah

Don't you know that I'm still scamming everybody that I meet
Selling "cutting edge" computers, every part is obsolete
And I'm still scamming, take a look at this
Would you like a pic of Elvis Presley on the stage with Kiss?

I'm still scamming, yeah yeah yeah...