Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Squire G Birthday Song

Parody Performed By: James Jancik

Original Song: "Beverly Hillbillies Theme" by Paul Henning

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Come and listen to a story 'bout Squire G
Was once in a band, but that's ancient history
Then one day he was on the internet
And found an old friend that he couldn't forget

Jim, that is. Black Knight. Talk show host.

Well the next thing you know the Squire's on the air
He hopes the show makes him a millionaire
You know every Saturday there ain't no time to rest
'Cause he's playin' mashups and talkin' to guests

Singers, that is. Parodists. Movie stars.

After all this time there's been a lot of episodes
A monkey on a rampage and a mixer that explodes
But now it's time for everyone who's listening to know
That Squire G is soon to be another year old

Ancient, that is. Been around. Lot of mileage.

Happy birthday, y'hear?