Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Searching For A Spirit

Original Song: "Hanging By A Moment" by Lifehouse Hear the original song on YouTube

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Here's a photo to help you understand the reference to Amy Lee.

Some call us daring
Some call us kooks
We're in this empty mansion
We're chasing after spooks
I'm searching for a supernat'ral clue
Wanna know if ghosts are really true
I think I see a spooky face on you
Or maybe it's your Amy Lee tattoo

It's getting kinda creepy
Not sure of what I see
Is that a shadow spirit
Is it your goatee

Now, I think I stepped in ectoplasmic goo
Tightening its grip upon my shoe
Or maybe it's a gob of Elmer's glue
I'm gonna lose my sole before we're through
The window has an eerie spectral glow
Perhaps it's just reflection off the snow
The shade is closed but I can see right through
And now the shade is chasing after you

There's something on the loose
It shook the window blind
This place is really weird
And it chills my mind

There is something here
And it's getting near
Watch me disappear

Somebody's screaming
You ask if it's a banshee
No, it's only me

An apparition floated into view
Looked at me and said "Oh, hey there, boo"
Then headed to the wall and went right through
I need clean underwear to change into
If we can photograph this ghost, I know
We'll be on every television show
So let's call in a pro to help pursue
Hey Scooby-Dooby-Doo, just where are you?

I'm searching for a spirit (here with you)
Searching for a spirit (with Vermouth)
Searching for a spirit (Reisling too)
Searching for a spirit or a brew