Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


My Snackrifice

Original Song: "My Sacrifice" by Creed

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Hello my friend, we meet again
Here at this snack bar where it all began
Feels like forever
Within my gut are rumblings
Of hunger pangs I feel constantly
Oh I remember

I used to chow down on cake
But now everything's changed
I've told Mr. Goodbar goodbye
It brings tears to my eyes
My snackrifice

Although a pound is just a pound
Once it's on it likes to hang around
Never leaving
I've always been the type to splurge
And so perhaps I should binge and purge
Strategic heaving

I'd go to the drive-thru for fries
I'd make it supersize
But now that my trousers don't fit
I now eat carrot sticks
My snackrifice

I just want to have some chips again
Covered with a nacho dip again

And I'd build an ice cream delight
I'd treasure every bite
Vanilla and chocolate - six scoops
But now I'm eating soup
And I'd order a pizza or three
All topped with everything
A gallon of cola for me
But it's now celery

My snackrifice
My snackrifice

I just want some Krispy Kremes again
But I'm eating cottage cheese instead

My snackrifice