Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


She's On Fire

Original Song: "She's On Fire" by Kevin Lee

See the flames
Start to rise
From her dress
Toward the sky
Got too close
To the stove
Felt the heat
Now she glows

The smoke begins to swirl
And she's a real Campfire Girl
She's acting quite distraught
But man, she's looking hot

She's on fire
She's on fire

Burning fast
Just like a torch
The kitchen counter's
Getting scorched
Shining bright
Like the sun
Better call

She's acting like a fuel
I told her that this isn't cool
Before it takes its toll
She needs to drop and roll

She's on fire
She's on fire

Oh wow
She vanished in a giant flash
She's now a piece of ash

Like a pyre
To ignite her
Gone in a fire
Call a friar

Flame on