Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


They Will Sell To You

Original Song: "Every Breath You Take" by The Police

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Every text you make
Every call you take
Every app you wake
Every email break
They'll be tracking you

Every single day
Every game you play
Every getaway
Every bill you pay
They'll be tracking you

Oh can't you see
There's nowhere to flee
'Cause they want to know
How they can get your dough

So they're watching lads
And they're watching grads
And they're watching dads
Just to tailor ads
That'll target you

All they want is to make another buck
And they don't care if their methods really suck
Your right to be unwatched has run out of luck
You're in their sights, you've become a sitting duck
They keep saying buy this, buy this please

Oh can't you see
There's no privacy
When you go online
They see dollar signs

They know what you do
What you're saying too
They will follow you
For your whole life through
Just to sell to you

Every single day
You can't get away
While they sell to you

They will sell to you

Won't you buy a cake
Won't you buy a steak
Oh for goodness sake (They will sell to you)
Won't you buy a rake

Won't you buy a shoe
Won't you buy a brew
Won't you buy fondue (They will sell to you)
Or some superglue

Won't you buy a phone
Won't you buy a scone
Won't you buy cologne (They will sell to you)
Won't you buy a drone

Won't you buy a bat
Won't you buy a mat
Just log in to chat (They will sell to you)
Won't you buy a hat

Won't you buy a clock
Won't you buy a wok
Won't you buy a lock (They will sell to you)
Won't you buy a sock

Won't you buy a gong
Won't you buy a bong
Won't you buy a thong (They will sell to you)
Won't you buy this song