Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


I Just Want You to Know It's a Scam

Original Song: "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls

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And we thank you for reading this email
We would like to make both of us rich
We are trying to export Nigerian cash
But we've run into one tiny hitch

We need an American partner
And you are the one that we choose
We'll wire you millions of dollars
We just need an account we can use

And we'll transfer it from our country
And deposit it into your bank
Then you send it on to our agent
And you keep ten percent as our thanks

We're so happy to hear that you'll help us
The arrangements are well underway
We're working to forward the money
It could be there as soon as today

But officials have caused a problem
'Cause they won't let the payment go through
Just send us the money to bribe 'em
And the millions will flow straight to you

And we also need funds for lawyers
And some dollars to help us defray
The charges for documentation
Then the fortune will be on its way

And you say that you're out of money
'Cause you've given us all that you have
So thanks for your participation
In the famous Nigerian scam

Yes it's all been a humongous sham
And we led you like you were a lamb
So perhaps you should filter your spam