Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Sauron's Song

Original Song: "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash

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Hate is a mighty thing
And it rules most everything
Full of spiteful power
I will make all the free folk cower

I alone forged a master ring of power
It can turn, turn, turn other rings all sour
And the bearer's souls
I will devour, I will devour

I created a master ring of power
It was lost, lost, lost, and that made me dour
Now I'm stuck, stuck, stuck
Up on my tower, up on my tower

At last the ring's perceived
It must be retrieved
When it was cut from my finger
Oh, then my soul couldn't linger

I turned into a burning eye of fire
And my ring, ring, ring is what I desire
And my need, need, need is getting dire
Up on this spire

I turned into a burning eye of fire
But I know, know, know what my plans require
Elves and dwarves and men
Will feel my ire, and all expire

I will find, find, find
My ring of power, and rule the hour
I'll leave my tower, and -- a hobbit?! What the --