Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Rock Bottom

Original Song: "Rock Bottom" by Kiss Hear the original song on YouTube

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At the gym all day
You work out lifting weights
For hours, you grind away
'Til you get Rock Bottom
Just like armor plate

Do squats all the night
You got your glutes so tight
Bullets all ricochet
Off of your Rock Bottom
It stops cosmic rays

Rock Bottom
No, don't wanna be the butt of jokes
Rock Bottom
Oh, you're such a hard ass to your folks

If you're feeling down
You just bum around
Work hard on your bony buns
You maintain Rock Bottom
Harder than steel drums

Rock Bottom
Ooh, you know you got a rigid rear
Rock Bottom
Yeah, you got a diamond derriere
Rock Bottom
Ooh, it's tougher than a block of zinc
Rock Bottom
Girl, it's not as sexy as you think
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom