Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Revolution" by The Beatles

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You say you want more resolution
Well you know
We all want a sharper screen
And due to techno evolution
Well you know
They'll be sellin' what you need

And when you talk about reflection
Don't you know it can be filtered out
Don't you know it's gotta have backlight
So bright

You say you've found a real solution
Well you know
What's the rate it does a scan
You're gonna need some contributions
Well you know
Costs about a couple grand

With millions of pixels a few inches from your face
Better be glad that the signal's not interlaced
Don't you know it needs a big screen size
Real wide

You love the spectral distribution
Well you know
It's just green and blue and red
You think that it's a revolution
Well you know
It's just the latest hype instead

And when you spend thousands on brand new technology
Just a week later you'll find that it's obsolete
Don't you know you really should sit tight
Don't bite
That's right

So high
The price
It's quite
A sight
So white
Good night