Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Radio Heart 8th Anniversary Song

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Wait" by The Beatles

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It's been a long time
Much wine's been passed around
So after eight years
Now we're painting the town

Eight, that's a lot of years to be
Doing shows for frikkin' free

On Radio Heart
We aren't filler or fluff
So won't you join in
You'll grin with DJ Muff

Eight, and it may sound kinda kitsch
Kinky's still Petunia's bitch

There's DJ Dave
Give him a wave
And 4 by 4
He'll always entertain
Join DJ Moss
Or it's your loss
We all
Think Eddy is insane

It's been a long time
And I'm duly impressed
That after eight years
We're here still a success

Eight, back in March two thousand three
We began this odyssey

There's Uncle Al
He's with his gal
You know they both
Will take another drink
We're on the air
You'll find us there
If you
Will just click on our link

We've got a Nutcase
Some days, live with a show
We're full of Stardust
Call us and say hello

Eight, and they've got a betting line
On our chance of making nine

It's been a long time
Online, trying to be
Admired just like
Black Knight and Squire G