Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Smells Like Pumpkin Pie

Original Song: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana

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Load up the house
With your kin
It's time to have a feast again
It takes a lot to feed this herd
At least a dozen turkey birds

Hello, hello, hello, hello
Oh no, the dough is slow to grow
And so lets go and po' some mo'
Bordeaux, Merlot, Pinot

On Thanksgiving please mom heed us
Here we are now, won't you feed us
We want stuffing and asparagus
Green bean casserole, sauteed carrots

Mashed potatoes!
Sweet potatoes!
And hot cocoa!
With marshmallows!

So give me some turkey breast
And ham and rolls and all the rest
It's piled high so I begin
I clean my plate then start again

Hello, hello, hello, hello
It's Joe, Hugo, Jethro, and Moe
Hello, hello, hello, hello
Leo, Elmo, and Bo

Come on TV, entertain us
Food and football will sustain us
Fill our plates and don't restrain us
Here we are now, we're voracious

And we swallow
More potatoes!
Gravy runs low
So go make mo'!

[sounds of eating, and football on TV]

So many things for me to taste
Oh yeah, it always makes me smile
Offer me more, just bear in mind
You'll find I'm never disinclined

Fritos, fritos, fritos, fritos
Cheetos, cheetos, cheetos, cheetos
Jello, jello, jello, jello
Swallow, swallow, swallow

On this one day you can't scold us
We keep feasting til we're bulbous
Now my trousers are unbuttoned
'Cause I acted like a glutton

And tomorrow
Turkey tacos
Bird burritoes
Giblet nachos

And more football
Give us football
Friday football
College Football
Running football
Passing football
Kicking football
Lots of football
And a pub crawl