Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Planet X

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Never Been To Spain" by Three Dog Night

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Planet X and the Annunaki - especially the New Age version - are discussed on James Jancik's show Feet to the Fire. The subject also occasionally comes up on the BKSG show, and prompted this request. Hear an impromptu tune about Planet X performed by the Black Knight, Squire G, and Jay Capone. Listen to a special alternate version of Planet X from the September 30, 2006 BKSG show!

Well they come from planet X
And they're called the Annunaki
Some are certain that they'll hex us
Others think that it's malarkey
They look like lizards
But they're really wizards
It's such a pisser, uh-huh

Well they really relish humans
On a platter with some veggies
Yes they think that we're delicious
And it makes me kind of edgy
If you see one
Better flee, son
Give 'em sass
They'll probe your donkey

Well their planet's getting closer
Will they come to Earth and greet us
Will we be their human servants
Or be turned into fajitas
You better pray some
Can't get away from
The Annunaki on kawasakis

Well they came here long ago
And a few remained behind, yea
Now they're mining all our gold out
And they're ruling all mankind, yea
Though you can't see 'em
Might as well believe in
The Annunaki

Well we cannot see their planet
It's behind electric netting
But they say if we could scan it
We'd discover Elvis Presley
And when they land here, there's just one plan dear
Try not to taste good
Try not to taste good