Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Paying My Tuition

Original Song: "Losing My Religion" by REM

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Oh, fees are bigger
They're bigger each year
Here at my college
The prices that they're charging
Could bankrupt Microsoft
Oh yes it costs too much
It really sucks

That's me in the office
That's me with a pell grant
Paying my tuition
Tryin' to get a student loan
But I don't know if I can do it
I may run out of funds
For pizza and for fun
I think that I'll play the lotto
I think that I'll shoot some craps
I think I thought I'd win this time

Visa and Amex
And every line of credit is
Pushed out to the limit
Trying to keep myself in school
And I still need to buy my books, so
I guess I'll make a call
To grandmama

Consider this, consider this
That when I get out of here
Consider this
My debt will be up to my rear window
What if the career I choose
Won't pay me a lot
For my Art degree
I still hear my father laughing
I still hear my father snort
Because I called and asked for cash

But now I've got a scheme
Now I've got a scheme
That's me on the corner
That's me in my ripped jeans
I'm begging for a dollar
Trying for spare change from you
And I don't know if I can get it
But I am gonna try
Oh won't you help this guy
I thought if I acted desperate
I thought if I acted daft
I think I thought I'd get some coin

And I'll try any con
Wheel and deal and steal a meal
But I won't get a job
Not a job, not a job, a job