Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Nazgul Medley

Original Song: Multiple

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A little bit of LOTR filk. This parody is about the Nazgul scenes in Peter Jackson's "The Fellowship of the Ring". I think the film would have had a different feel altogether if Jackson had just let the Nazgul sing.
[Nazgul set off to find the one ring - to the tune of "We're Off To See The Wizard"]

We're off to find the one ring
No matter where we need to roam
We know it is the king of the rings
And we're gonna bring it home
The Shire is what we're looking for
Before, before, before, before, before
Before Mister Baggins heads out the door
We're off to find the one ring
So Sauron can rule evermore

[Nazgul almost catch the hobbits in Bree - to the tune of The Flintstones Theme]

Nazgul, we're the Nazgul
And the ring is calling us to Bree
We have felt its power
So we'll carry out our lord's decree

We'll ride to the Prancing Pony Inn
And then that is where the fun begins

We will kill the hobbits
Then the ring will pass to Sauron
Go straight to Sauron
Oh crap, where have they gone?

[Nazgul catch up to hobbits on Amon-Sul - to the tune of The Monkees Theme]

Here we come
Up on Amon-Sul
We are a band of enforcers
Under Sauron's rule

Hey hey we're the Ringwraiths
And people say we're scary as hell
And we will take the one ring
And kill the bearer as well

We're just trying to be fiendish
Come and watch us terrify
We were great kings of men once
But we now follow the eye

Hey hey we're the Nazgul
The hobbits now are in our sight
But then a Dunedain ranger
Defeats us in a firefight

[Nazgul chase Arwen and Frodo to the Ford of Bruinen - to the tune of Waterloo]

At last, we've found the ring
Our master will be grateful
So close, and we will catch the she-elf
And the hobbit on her horse

But she casts a powerful spell
And we make a moistened farewell

We were defeated by tidal wave
How can an elf maiden be so brave
Caught in a magical foamy spray
Undertow taking us to the bay
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, waterlogged
Drowned and defeated and waterlogged