Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


A NAFTA Highway

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Ventura Highway" by America

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Some folks say that a NAFTA superhighway would further kill job opportunities in the United States.

Ruining the middle class
Salaries erode
Tell me, how long you gonna take this, Joe?
Some people say that our politicians blow
It ain't fair, I know

A NAFTA highway 'cross our country
Runs from Hermosillo
Up to Toronto through Indy
I'm yellin' whoa, oh no

And our freedoms are almost past repair
'Cause the Congress serves the millionaires
They support their own stock shares
And the Constitution? They don't care

Middle Eastern railroad cars
Rolling through the Kansas plains
Sorry folks, our sovereignty is down the drain
So come on Joe, let's go get in line again
For the few jobs that remain

A NAFTA highway moving cargo
Runs from Santa Ana
Up to Alberta through Fargo
I'm yellin' whoa, oh no

And our incomes will really hit the fan
When we're Canamerimexican
Nothing for the common man
While the profits flow to foreign hands, foreign lands