Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


I'm the Mummy

Original Song: "I'm Your Puppet" by James and Bobby Purify

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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Pull my string if you wanna die
I'm the mummy
An Egyptian king put me out to dry
I'm the mummy

Oh, I'm wrapped up in all these cloths
So I run if I see moths
I'm the mummy

Pull another string and you'll see me nude
Naked mummy
Nothing on me but my Fruit of the Tomb
Mummy undies

Oh, I'm a terror under the sheets
If you come with me I might let you see my pleats
I'm the mummy
I'm the mummy

I'm all wound up
Just like old king Tut
But still my life isn't through
It's my destiny
There's a curse on me
So I'll be ragging on you
I'm the mummy
I'm the mummy

Just pull them little strings and I'll spin like a top
I'm the mummy
Then spear me through, and I'll be a mop
I'm the mummy

Oh, I'm supposed to be terrifying
But it's so hard when all I am is strings
I'm the mummy

I'm a groaning, moaning, slaying, fraying mummy
I'm really not unkind, think I'll just unwind

I'm a rambling, shambling, magic fabric mummy
And I love wrap music