Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Early Morning Brain

Original Song: "Early Morning Rain" by Gordon Lightfoot

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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In my early morning brain
When I'm gettin' out of bed
And my neurons just won't start
And I'm feelin' kinda dead

Need that first cup of joe
Just to make my blood cells flow
But my early morning brain
Is still thinking slow

Hit the bar last night at nine
Drank seven and sevens 'til they closed
And I sang a song by Spaff
In the karaoke show

Now the liquor tasted good
And the women all were fast
I was hangin' with my friends
Killing brain cells glass by glass

Now it's morning, my head roars
But I've got to rise and shine
Even though each tiny sound
Sends explosions through my mind

So I stagger down the hall
Grab a shirt and a tie
Gotta get out of my home
Gotta get to work on time

So I'm heading into town
When I look down and I see
That I need to turn around
Because I've got no pants on me

I head for Timberlane
Wind up in Bayou Cane
You might think I'm M.I.A.
It's just early morning brain

You might think I'm insane
Or I'm high on cocaine
But it's something more mundane
It's my early morning brain