Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Rodeo" by Garth Brooks

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He's looking for the princess
The landscape is surreal
Perhaps it's the effects of
All those mushrooms for his meals
His story has been featured
On a television show
He was just a plumber who could jump
Now he's Super Mario

Well, it's blocks and pipes
It's coins to swipe
It's that damned unrelenting song
It's the unending practice
To get by the cactus
This ain't no Donkey Kong
It's kickin' shell
Where turtles dwell
It's stomping like a pro
It's a green dinosaur
Who just eats more and more
And they call the game Mario

His brother is Luigi
He started as a clone
And they're gonna need a Ouija
To divine the next warp zone
And there's always one more level
With a new and deadly foe
And also neverending sequels
Of the game called Mario

Well, it's leaps and falls
It's fireballs
It's escape from reality
It's Italian commandos
And gold for Nintendo
It makes me want to Wii
It's staying calm
Among bob-ombs
It's Goombas in a row
It's the life you ignore
Just to get a high score
In the game they call Mario

There are those who say it's crazy
There are those who say it's lame
But you'll brush off everyone you know
Just to play and play the game
And your matchless skill dodging Bullet Bill
Is all you'll have to show
For all the years that you spend playin'
The game they call Mario

Well, it takes some thought
To not get caught
And to navigate through the fog
Overcoming the hassle
Of finding the castle
This ain't no dumb hedgehog
My girl is mad
She says it's sad
And I should let it go
So I dumped her today
'Cause she got in the way
Of the game they call Mario

And I think if I could
That I'd move to the 'hood
Of the guy they call Mario