Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Feel Like Making Lunch

Original Song: "Feel Like Making Love" by Bad Company

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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Daily, when the morning's ending
We think about lunch
Maybe we should go out spending
For some lunch

Wish I had some golden fries and a fish filet
I would stuff them
In my pie hole
And never worry (worry worry) what I weigh

Feel like having

Feel like having lunch
Order up a bunch
Cheese Gordita Crunch
Feel like having lunch with you

Weekends, when we get up later
We think about brunch
Seekin' bacon and some taters
To eat for our brunch
I wish we had some ham and eggs
And English muffins
I would eat them right from the tray
About a dozen

Feel like having

Feel like having brunch
Lots of food to munch
It's more than a hunch
Feel like having brunch with you

And if we had a good merlot and a cabernet
We would drink them
With our dinner
And we'd be buzzing (buzzing buzzing) all the day

Feel like getting

Feel like getting drunk
Drunker than a skunk
Nothing to debunk
Feel like getting drunk with you

Now the doc says it's too much
We're both larger than a hutch
And we can no longer munch
Need some liposuction too