Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


I'm Looking Through You

Original Song: "I'm Looking Through You" by The Beatles

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I'm looking through you
What's going on?
I'm looking though you
Have you passed on?

You are transparent, without a doubt
I'm looking through you and freaking out

I'm looking through you
You're barely seen
Is this the new you
[Here] On Halloween

Can someone tell me what's happening
You're not opaque now, it's frightening

Why, tell me why are you diaphanous
Did you decide that having a body is superfluous

I'm looking through you
More than a glance
If you say "boo-ooh"
I'll wet my pants

Are you deceased now and haunting me
I'm looking through you, it's clear to see

Hey, yesterday you were corporeal
Now it's apparent that you've become much more ethereal

I'm looking through you
But now I see
This ain't no voodoo
It's just 3-D

Your ghostly body is such a sham
You're just projecting a hologram

Stop playing this game
I know what you're up to
Yeah I'm seeing through you