Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Little Buddy

Original Song: "Little Jeannie" by Elton John

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Oh, little buddy
We are lost at sea, little buddy
'Cause we ran into a storm
That sprang up so abnormally

Oh, little buddy
We have found some land, little buddy
But the boat now has a hole
And there is no consoling me

And we're stranded without a radio
We're stranded here on this island
Oh, with five tourists and a lot of trees
And oh, buddy, maybe tropical disease

Little buddy
You are such a klutz, little buddy
It's because of you I'm sure
We're stuck here for eternity

Oh, little buddy
I just had a thought, little buddy
'Cause you know I'm a single man
With a brand new fantasy

So I want you to talk to Mary Ann
I want you to talk to Ginger
Oh, and you say to meet me in the woods
And oh, buddy, life'll be so very good

So go socialize with the millionaire
And fraternize with professor
Oh, don't you wonder just where your skipper went
'Cause oh, buddy, you are too innocent

(There are benefits of being captain
I'll serenade them like Clapton, I'm gonna show my appeal)
So buddy (oh buddy) please go and close the deal

(Meeting both of the babes in the forest
Don't need a gift from a florist, I'm gonna have lots of fun)
Yeah buddy (oh buddy) a jungle two-for-one

(Buddy, I am still waiting, where are you?
You took the last whiskey jar, too, something's not right with this scene)
Hey buddy (oh buddy) you stole my fantasy

(You come back to our hut so contented
Now I am disoriented, you are a secret Don Juan)
Hey buddy (oh buddy) my dreams are gone, my dreams are gone

(Now you spend all your time with the ladies
My life has gone straight to Hades, maybe I'll try Mrs. Howell
Oh buddy (oh buddy) you planned it well, you planned it well