Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Lineman vs. Racer X - the Sequel

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "867-5309" by Tommy Tutone

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This is the sequel to the parody Lineman vs. Racer X.

Jenny Jenny, who will you turn to?
Lineman and Racer both wanna hold you
I know you think that two is better than one
But do you understand what you've begun

Weekends on BKSG
Lineman and Racer X
Live in the chatroom they'll be
Fighting over the fairer sex (Each one trying to cast a hex)
Curse the other one via text (This will soon be a song by Rex)

Jenny Jenny, you're the solution
If you pick one there will be resolution
When Lineman jumped from the roof we thought he was dead
It was really fortunate that he's got a hard head

Racer X taunts the Lineman
Says "Jenny's here with me"
Lineman says Racer X can
Shave the back of an amputee (while he listens to Wham CDs)
Soak his club foot in herbal tea (made from lemon and DDT)

They're fighting (they're fighting) they're fighting
They need to give the show a call
They're fighting (they're fighting) they're fighting
In the chatroom, it's a verbal brawl

Lineman is in the closet
He's feeling lots of shame
Still he's conflicted 'cause it
Could be worse, she could date Blue Flame (he said Jenny is quite a dame)
This could drive a Lineman insane (as he's crying out "oh, the pain")

Jenny Jenny, look what you started (Lineman's slamming a case of beer)
Every time you depart
It's a kick to Lineman's rear (now he's drinking the Everclear)

Lineman's gonna retrieve his dear (he's been planning it for a year)
Racer X'll just disappear (just like Hoffa did, so I hear)
Let's make it clear (Racer X'll just disappear)
Won't shed a tear (Racer X'll just disappear)
The end is near (Racer X'll just disappear)