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All for Leia

Original Song: "All for Leyna" by Billy Joel Hear the original song on YouTube

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Star Wars Episode IV is still the greatest of them all.

She sat in a cell
We got her out
Leading us down a garbage chute
And then the walls
Started to close

I thought we were hosed
But then a droid
Opened the door and let us out
Now Obi-Wan's
Our only hope

I'm yelling out "all aboard"
'Cause I'm rescuing Luke and Leia
Luke said I'd get a reward
If I get out of here with Leia
I'm learning I won't be bored
If I'm hangin' with Luke and Leia

We shot out of there
For Yavin IV
But I found time to make a pass
Then 3PO
Got in the way

Turns out we were tracked
I grabbed my cash
She looked at me with such dismay
I've got a bad feeling 'bout this

There's nothing else I can do
'Cause I got a death mark from Jabba
My bill is way overdue
So I gotta go pay off Jabba
Here comes the Death Star, you're through
So I'm gonna go pay off Jabba

So Chewie and I
Headed on out
But it was such a total fail
That I turned around
And fired a shot
And so I knocked Vader off Luke's tail

Luke made a great shot
Right down the shaft
We watched the Death Star go kaboom
But don't forget
Vader's alive

Still, we got a parade
Lots of applause
I got a medal I might hock
It's prob'ly worth
More than a dime

But now the fighting's all through
And I'm hanging around with Leia
And Luke's got eyes for her too
But I'm gonna wind up with Leia
I'll take her to Honolu-
lu then I'll give a lei to Leia

Princess Leia
Princess Leia...