Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Give Me Java Java

Parody Performed By: James Jancik

Original Song: "Princess Lava Lava" by James Jancik

(Java java java, I want some java java)
(Java java java, I need some java java)
(Java java java, I'm brewin' java java)
(Java java java, I'm drinkin' java java)

Take me where I can find
Kona blend with Turkish grind
You won't find this in chains
Starbucks coffee chains
Hortons coffee chains
Tullys coffee chains
I want coffee in its prime
Gimme java java, yeah

I don't care about the cost
I need some caffeinated sauce
I drink it with a meal
Drink it with such zeal
Drink it til I feel
Everything's unreal 'cause
It's surreal watchin' time just stop
Drinkin' java java, yeah

Think that I'll begin
With a city roast
Cup of pure adrenaline
Each day I'm drinking in
About a dozen quarts

(My pulse sounds like a machine gun)
(I don't sweat, I percolate)
(I have a tattoo of Juan Valdez)

(I can jump start my car without cables)
(I can ski uphill)
(My eyes stay open when I sneeze)

Take me where I can find
Viennese with roller grind
It goes into my brain
It goes into my veins
I don't need crack cocaine
Just fill my cup again
Watch me move in triple time
Drinkin' java java, yeah

Gimme java
Gimme java
Gimme java java, yeah