Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


It's Friday

Original Song: "Come Monday" by Jimmy Buffett Hear the original song on YouTube

Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

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Headin' out to Lake Oswego
Gonna have all the babes in thrall
I got my tan Speedo on
So from a distance you can't tell
That I'm clothed at all
And now I'm gonna parTAY
Ogling babes by the bay

It's friday, and I'm on the prowl
It's friday, I need booze and a gal
I'll spend two lovely days
In a beer-induced haze
Hunting babes in this beachfront locale

Yes, I live for the weekend
Get the hair shaved off my back
And then I say to each lady
"Hey babe, you've got a great rack"
And darlin', you know I've got class
That's the reason I just grabbed your *rear*

It's friday, and I'm havin' fun
It's friday, why do women all run?
I just want me a squeeze
But they call me a sleaze
And an indecent son of a (gun)

Come and join me honey
We'll play "girls gone wild" in my room
I'll give you a night to remember
You can do me while I'm playing DOOM

I'm not above paying companions
I don't care to play solitaire
But then a cop says "Hey buddy,
We know what you did in there"
I say "Officer, I didn't know
That the girl was an underage ho"

It's friday, and I'm here in jail
It's friday, what a huge epic fail
Now I'm stuck in this place for the next ninety days
'Cause I just wanted someone to nail

Yes I'm here in this cell and dejected as hell
And I need twenty thousand for bail