Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


In My (Parking) Place

Original Song: "In My Place" by Coldplay Hear the original song on YouTube

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In my place, in my place
A Cadillac Escalade
Makes me cross, oh yeah

Someone got in my spot
Not nice, and I'm feeling hot
So I plot, oh yeah

Yeah, I think that I'll crack the rims
Yeah, I think that I'll hack the trim
Yeah, he'll never do this again
He should have known

First I glared, then declared
This car will need lots of repair
Once I'm done with it

Throwing stones, striking blows
Smashing the windows and doors
And the headlights too, yeah

Yeah, now see how I dent the rims
Yeah, and see how I bent the trim
Yeah, he'll pay for his parking sin
He must atone, yeah

When he sees, sees, sees
He'll gasp and drop his keys
And freeze, freeze

My wife comes running out, now, now
I hear her scream and shout, at me, me
"What are you doing?"

In my place, in my place
A Cadillac Escalade
That she just bought, oh yeah
I'm dead