Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Holiday" by Green Day

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Say yay!

It's the summertime once again
School is out and it's time to take a train
Or plane
To somewhere that is less mundane

Maybe mountains or by the sea
Any place where fun is fast and free (Yay!)
For me, a getaway from the family

Maybe I'll go to Vail or Santa Barbara beach
But then my parents say they're coming with me
On holiday

Now my brain's working overtime
What can I do or say to change their minds (Nay!)
And try to get this notion put aside

Can I find a way out of this (I'm pissed!)
What a drag, my objections are dismissed (Hey!)
Oh gag, I'm wearing a bag if I must do this

The most horrific thing that I could ever dream
Is someone seeing mom and dad out with me
On holiday


No more!

"The person paying for the vacation calls the score"

So where are we going to go, dad?
Knowing you, maybe Joliet
Just to visit Uncle Howard
I'd rather drink a glass of sweat
Please please say it isn't grandma's
Or Auntie Maude's you're taking me
I'll walk on fire, eat a tire
If you'll just leave the choice to me
Just 'cause, just 'cause your choices have big flaws!

I wait in dread to hear the place my father chose
My hopes are crashing, I just know it'll blow
And then he tells me that he thinks I'd like to know
He's picked Hawaii as the place that we'll go

Oh what an awesome holiday!