Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Parody Performed By: Skip Briggs

Original Song: "Desperado" by The Eagles

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They told me you were delicious
And though I was suspicious
I took a bite
But it's a hot one
And now my mouth is on fire
I've started perspiring
And I've lost my sight

Every taste bud screamed and ruptured, oy!
I'm pounding on the table
My flaming tongue will need a tourniquet
And it seems just like my molars
Have been hooked to jumper cables
And I think that I can feel my eyeballs sweat

Oh you just moved to my stomach
There's gonna be bum ache
I'm starting to groan
And water, cold water
Well it's just not really helpin'
I'm cryin' and yelpin' out
And starting to moan

And I won't be shocked if it detonates
If I collapse don't resuscitate
My steaming head just melted my toupee
I'm spewing fire from my nose
Think I'd rather eat a lava flow buffet

I think my lower intestine
Won't ever be restin'
There's no debate
You'll soon be hearin'
A sonic pepper-spray arse boom
I better go find me a restroom
(Lead-lined bunker restroom)
I better go find me a restroom
Before it's too late