Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht



Original Song: "Free" by Stevie Wonder Hear the original song on YouTube

YouTube pages can be removed at any time. If you find a broken link, let me know. I'll appreciate it.

Free said the offer

It is free all through infinity
Free with your purchase

What? A purchase? Then it is not free

Free! If you hurry

Hurry? Why the limit on my time?

Free until the clock's hands
Tick away the time
Free and so you better just sign here on the line

Doubt's running through me
If it's free why do you need my scrawl

It's really nothing
Sign and we'll include a popcorn ball
And it's free for the asking
We've put it in our guarantee

You sure push this "free" theme
Why? I'd like to know
Show your guarantee, and then I might be sold

Hmmmm... seems it's missing
But if you sign now we'll toss in some art
But now, time is ending
Better say yes now, it would be smart

What a decision
Got to buy to get the stuff that's free
Free, you say, forever
Only if I sign
You are full of guile, so I don't believe your line

Our free final offer
(You're a bargainer we rarely see)
A free full collection
Every single Weird Al DVD

Now that's a freebie!
Just what I wanted
And it's all free, so just where do I sign

Thanks, yeah, for your purchase
Easy payments will be charged from now 'til 2043

Free - what a swindle
My bills go on and on through eternity