Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Filler Scene

Original Song: "Killer Queen" by Queen

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We're now in post-production
Our producer gets upset
"Not enough length" he says
We answer "no need to sweat
We've got the remedy
When time is the enemy
So go and take your medication
It'll be fine"

We know all the movie tricks
Add sex and violence
We'll grab some footage and splice

With a filler scene
Gunpowder, gasoline
Dynamite and a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Filling time

Ooooh, use a simple film device
Different angles, show it twice
Killing time

We're consuming libations
To help with our creativeness
Will give us total shamelessness
Bring in extra writers
And pull an overnighter
Give 'em plenty of caffeine
Have 'em stretch some lines

Perhaps we'll show the sights of Paris (look at this)
We really couldn't care less
As long as the length is right

With a filler scene
Cheerleaders, trampolines
Pillow fight with a beauty queen
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Killing time

Ten-minute gap, gotta fill it fast
Gotta get this movie wrapped
We'll arbitrarily add some action
Show a Samurai kicking ass
Along with some precocious child, child
Who's using kung fu

In a filler scene
Midnight on Halloween
Show the eyes of a wolverine
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Filling time

Ooooh, slow the motion, stretch the time
We'll tell 'em it was by design
What a lie
Now goodbye