Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Easy Credit

Original Song: "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House

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There is stuff that you want
There is stuff that you need
But your bank account is running awfully low
Then you look at the ads
And they're all telling you
That it's simple, all that you've gotta do
Is just sign on the line

Buy now, buy now
With easy credit
Buy now, buy now
Pay us in six months
Buy now, buy now
And get a knickknack
Upon your mantelshelf

So you've taken the bait
You have purchased the thing
A possession that supports the obsession
That we create
But then soon comes the day
That you cannot delay
And you get the notice that's been sent your way

Pay now, pay now
You know you need to
Pay now, pay now
Settle up the bill
Pay now, pay now
Close out your balance
So you can buy some more

We're still waiting on you
Where's the money you owe
Why'd you make the purchase if you knew you were poor
Legal action ahead
You could wind up in jail
We could seize your assets for liquidation any day

Pay now, pay now
Don't trash your credit
Pay now, pay now
Or the interest grows
Pay now, pay now
You're in collections
We've added penalties

Don't make us sue
(Pay now, pay now)

(Pay now, pay now)

Hey now, hey now

You paid it off

(Hey now, hey now)
Come buy some more

Buy now, buy now (yeah)

Buy now, buy now