Parodyman - Song Parodies by Rex Ungericht


Driving In A Winter Wonderland

Parody Performed By: Gary Hermann

Original Song: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" by Felix Bernard & Richard Smith

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Winter's here, snow is fallin'
And the traffic is crawlin'
The cars up ahead need better tread
Driving in a winter wonderland

Tires slide, drivers panic
Then they steer like they're manic
They jerk left and right and spin out of sight
Drivin' in a winter wonderland

On a side street there's a fender bender
Someone tried to brake on solid ice
Doesn't matter what your age or gender
Before you hit the road you should think twice

Radio says to stay in
If you don't you'll be prayin'
It's quite a feat to stay on the street
Drivin' in a winter wonderland

In the meadow we can see a hatchback
It drifted off the road and landed there
And every bridge in town's a frozen patch, Mack
You can try to cross them if you dare

There's a truck goin' sideways
As it speeds down the highway
I'm glad that I've got four-wheel drive
Drivin' in a winter wonderland

Every road's a demolition derby
As bumpers, doors and headlights are destroyed
Bouncing off the guard rail and the curb-y
Auto body shops are overjoyed

Winter snow is a-blowin'
I can't see where I'm goin'
I hope I don't stall on my way to the mall
Drivin' in a winter wonderland

Drivin' in a winter wonderland